Migrash Farms

Ian Hertzmark, Patapsco River Watershed, just outside Randallstown, MD.  ‘

Founded in 2014, we have four fields totaling 30 acres of which 25 acres are workable.  Our produce is grown, cultivated and processed using traditional and adapted human-scale methods and with full attention to detail.  We never knowingly apply or use any input that is environmentally or systemically toxic to humans, livestock, and/or fish and wildlife including non-target insects, microbes, and plants.  We farm soil and its beasties first; the produce comes second.  In Decemer 2016, we brought our first stone mill online and have been producing locally- and sustainably-grown artisan flours ever since.  Our intention is to be sustainably productive and to create human-scale systems requiring few inputs.  Migrash Farm aspires to be a socially-responsible farm business in all ways. Website