Become a Vendor

*Note: this page applies to farmers and other producers. If you are a community group looking for space, please see Community Corner tab.

Full Year Vendor Space

The Takoma Park Farmers Market is a producer-only farmers market. Participation is open to regional farmers and producers who sell what they grow, raise or produce on their own farm or facility within a 125-mile radius of Takoma Park, MD. Two bakers are permitted to participate in the market and are required to sell bread. Arts, crafts or re-selling of other items is not permitted.

The market’s membership committee maintains an annual file of qualified potential vendors who have submitted an online application.  When there is a vacancy, the committee recommends three potential vendors. Recommendation are reviewed at the market’s annual meeting of all vendors and one of the three is selected by ballot – one vote per farm.

Winter Market Openings

Some of the market’s vendors are summer only and participate April through November.  During their vacancies, the membership committee reviews applications and invites qualified applicants to attend the market as temporary vendors during the months of November-April.

Only producers who grow or raise their own agricultural products will be considered. Please do not apply if you do not meet these requirements. To be considered for a Full Year or Winter Market space please complete this form.  Please apply annually to let the market know that you remain interested.