Pie Contest Rules

Takoma Park Farmers Market Pie Contest 

Bake your best 1 or 2 crust pie using your favorite farmers market seasonal ingredient (produce or anything else that is found at the market in September) or any combination. Seasonal ingredients must be the main ingredient of the pies. Pies may be sweet or savory. Filing must be homemade and crusts are strongly encouraged to be homemade.  Bakers may enter as many pies as desired.

Previously open to only amateur bakers, the contest now welcomes professional bakers to enter to compete against other professionals for bragging rights and market prize.

Bakers to present fresh baked, uncut, 8-10 inch pie between 11:00 am and 11:30 am on Sunday, September 17, 2023 at the tent located on Laurel Avenue. Pies must be entered without any additional work required (e.g. pie servers are unable to add special toppings or sauces for service to judges or community). Please label the bottom of your pie plate with your name and phone number and also provide an accompanying card with pie name and your name. Professional bakers shall also label their pie with “professional.” Pies and photos of pies will become the property of the Takoma Park Farmers Market.

Pies will be offered to the public for donations after the contest.  All money raised will be donated to Takoma Park Farmers Market Federal Benefit (food stamp) Match Program. Pie plates will be available for pick up immediately following the event.  If plate is not picked up then, the market is not able to guarantee return.

Pies will be judged and prizes will be awarded. Judging will take place starting at 11:30 am and conclude at 1:00 pm with pie sales to the community.

Prize Categories:
Best Apple Pie
Best Peach Pie
Best Other Pie – Sweet
Best Other Pie – Savory
Best Kid’s Pie
Most Unusual Pie
Yummy Mess Award

Best Professional Baker Pie

Pies will be cut and served to the public starting at 1:00 pm.